SCORCH + ICE Memorial Saturday

Venue: NYC

Saturday 27th May 2017 01:00pm - 07:00pm

Start your summer in the CIty with SCORCH and ICEBOX ENTERTAINMENT! 

You spoke to us and we listened

New Venue Alert 

78 South Street NY, NY 10038

Saturday 27th May 

1 pm - 7 pm

SCORCH and ICEBOX Entertainment pride ourselves on providing event experiences which exceed our guests expectations. 

We're back on track 

SCORCH + ICE Memorial Saturday
Party on the pier
All early bird tickets are now sold out !!! 
Dj's: Dj Private Ryan, Riggo, Back To Basics, SLI, Milo, Soca Rebel
Bottles and table service available                        

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$50.00 USD Regular Gents

$45.00 USD Regular Ladies