Can you name one person who doesn't like music?...we can't either and thats why the brand decided to get it's feet wet in the ocean of sound. Music is key when it comes to fuelling the Original Pumpin Machine, so it only makes sense that SCORCH MUSIC makes contributions of kicks, snares, claps, melodies and talent to the world.






Ricardo Drue

When it comes to Soca music we can definitely say that Ricardo Drue is the future. The three time Anitgua and Barbuda Soca Monarch winner has been experiencing much success not only in his birthplace and hometown of Antigua and Trinidad but all over the world. SCORCH MUSIC is proud to be a part of the journey. 


Jay Nahge

Hailing from Carenage, this aspiring rapper is believed to be up next. His way with words and metaphors on infectious beats affords him the luxury of being the topic of discussion in many circles. SCORCH MUSIC is here to take this rookie to the pros! Stay tuned. 

Inzey x Dopeskis

The Bands exposure really began when they started performing at clubs and talent shows. Performing with The Dopeskis as one entity allowed Inzey to gain a difference on the rap scene as they would not only perform rap or hip hop but other genres as well. SCORCH MUSIC will be present at all shows.